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Vision, Mission, and Values


CORE Group's vision is a world of healthy communities, where no woman or child dies of preventable causes.


CORE Group's mission is to generate collaborative action and learning to improve and expand community-focused public health practices for underserved populations around the world.


Collective Capacity

CORE Group values the diversity of its member organizations, promotes collaboration among them, and leverages their organizational strengths and resources.

CORE Group widely shares information and resources, encouraging constructive dialogue and exchanges among all partners to continually refine state-of-the-art knowledge and best practices.

CORE Group values equity, intentionally prioritizing policies and strategies to reach the poorest communities.

Local Experience and Knowledge
CORE Group members remain intimately connected with communities, families, mothers, and children, thereby bringing local practitioner-based realities to the policy table.

Participation of Civil Society
CORE Group builds partnerships and strategies that empower families, communities, local civic organizations, and local and national governments to participate in health decision-making.

CORE Group values accountability and monitors its work to ensure a positive change in health at the local, regional, and global level.


CORE Group helps NGOs and governments effectively reach the community level, integrate community strategies into the national health plan, and respond to new and emerging health issues that arise so that preventable deaths from diseases like pneumonia and measles can be reduced.

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