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The HIV/AIDS Working Group combats the HIV/AIDS crisis by ensuring that HIV/AIDS programming is adequately integrated into effective child survival, maternal health, and primary health care services as part of a community-based and holistic approach.


Jean Claude Kazadi, Catholic Relief Services

Gloria Ekpo, World Vision

Overview & History

The HIV/AIDS Working Group meets twice a year during the bi-annual CORE Group meetings. In addition, HIV/AIDS WG members convene once a quarter in a virtual meeting to discuss progress on workplans and strategize on advancing WG priorities. In addition, the HIV/AIDS WG typically hosts at least one in-person State-of-the art (SOTA) in the DC area annually. HIV/AIDS WG members oftentimes host webinar sessions for the CORE community. If you are interested in participating in such a SOTA or hosting an webinar session, please contact one of the HIV/AIDS WG co-chairs listed below.

The HIV/AIDS WG typically selects key programmatic areas of focus for its annual workplan in order to ensure WG focus on similar topics. The selected topics currently for the HIV/AIDS WG are integration and early childhood development.  While these key topics are focus areas for the annual workplan, the WG is flexible and open to all ideas for virtual and in-person sessions.

The HIV/AIDS WG was established in 2002 in response to the growing importance of HIV/AIDS programming to CORE Group membership.  Since its inception, the WG has focused on the intersections between MCH and HIV/AIDS, 2 historically silo-ed areas of programming with much to offer each other.  Obvious areas of overlap/intersection include OVC, PMTCT and pediatric AIDS, but with the advent of other programming areas for CORE outside of MCH mainstream, such as TB, opportunities for collaboration and coordination on issues of co-infection and lessons sharing on ACSM, stigma, adherence also have presented themselves.

What's New

The HIV/AIDS Working Group is currently working on an Integration Toolkit in coordination with MCHIP and the K4Health programs.  The Toolkit is designed to pull together as many resources, tools, information as possible on integrated programming as a practical resource repository for health and development program designers and implementers.




  • Webinar on HIV and Disability: Ensuring Access was held in October 2013
  • The Health and Development Integration Toolkit has been FINALIZED and will soon be up and running on the K4Health website!


  • Hosted the Nutrition Assessment Counseling and Support 2 day state-of-the-art training
  • Hosted a “Uniting to Save Lives—Integrating HIV in Community Health Programs” networking and dialogue sessions at the AIDS Global Conference.


  • Focused on the integration of maternal and child health with HIV.


  • Hosted an HIV/AIDS and TB Integration State of the Art Meeting



  • Held a one day state-of-the-art (SOTA) update on pediatric HIV care, generating dialogue and exchange between the HIV/AIDS and child survival communities.Key topics covered included: essential care for HIV-exposed and infected infants; missed opportunities for identifying children and for providing care; models for delivering family centered care approaches; promising approaches to early infant diagnosis; HIV testing in children; nutrition and pediatric AIDS; age specific needs and considerations for HIV care and treatment.
  • Hosted several technical updates and presentations, including: Building effective partnerships for HIV-MCH programming and Harnessing the Power of new HIV Positive Mothers as 'Mentor Mothers.'

CORE Group helps NGOs and governments effectively reach the community level, integrate community strategies into the national health plan, and respond to new and emerging health issues that arise so that preventable deaths from diseases like pneumonia and measles can be reduced.

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