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The Mortality Assessment for Health Programs (MAP) System

Mortality_Assessment_for_Health_Programs_-_Field_Manual-1This manual is a guide for non-governmental organizations carrying out child health programs to assess under-five mortality rates and evaluate programs using the CARE Group Model. By following this manual’s methodology to establish a Mortality Assessment for Health Programs (MAP) System, organizations can collect valid and precise information about vital events and detect statistically significant changes in under-five mortality rates over the life of a child health program. Our hope is that NGOs will find this manual practical and feasible to assess correlations between program activities and mortality trends in a variety of settings.


Recommended citation:
Purdy C., Weiss, W., Perry H. The Mortality Assessment for Health Programs (MAP) System: An NGO Field Manual for Registering Vital Events and Assessing Child Survival Outcomes Using the Care Group Model. 1st Edition. January 2013. Washington, D.C: CORE Group.

The Mortality Assessment for Health Programs (MAP) System (PDF)

NOW AVAILABLE IN SPANISH: El Sistema de la Evaluación de la Mortalidad para los Programas de Salud (MAP)  (PDF)

Links from Manual:

Vital Events Database (XLSX)

Pregnancy and Birth Register (PDF)

Under Five Death Register (PDF)

U5MR Trend Chart Creator (XLS)

Promoter Vital Event Monitoring Report Card - Chart Creator (XLS)



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